Zzero Sufuri Shows Up For His Fans!

The support for local Kenyan music right now is unprecedented. Whether it is newcomers on the scene such as the chaps from Sol Generation or the new wave in the form of Gengetone and Dabonge genre, the support is there in a way we have never seen before! It all started with a passionate post about the current situation on the airwaves challenging Kenyan music show producers to pay more Kenyan music. Naiboi (one of our favorite artists!) then got up and supported his brother highlighting some of the obstacles he faced when he got into music. What ensued was an intense discussion between Dj’s, the musicians themselves and radio personalities.

The verdict is still out on who “won” the argument. But one thing is for sure it was the spark that ignited Kenyans to get serious about showing up and showing out for our own. A group of people who have taken this very seriously is the management of 1824, who are consistently giving Kenyan artists a platform to interact with their fans. It is great and extremely important that we have a touchpoint to some of these artists other than YouTube among other music streaming sites.

So far #LIT360 has been apart of the performances by Ethic Entertainment, Ochungulo Family and now we have bared witness to Zzero Sufuri’s greatness so you can too!

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