Yvonne Darcq Is Different By Definition

“The more you can tap into your most authentic you, the more you can experience your full power. Your true magic.” Yvonne Darcq is without a doubt the embodiment of this quote. Starting with mixed heritage with her mum being South Sudanese, Congolese and Luo while her dad is French, Dutch and Belgian. This comes out in her music as no two songs sound the same, which is unique for the music industry. Above and beyond being an established musician, she is also a designer and used to model before her career blew up.

Yvonne started recording music from the tender age of 13, which is a big deal! Not many people in the business can say that. From that small age, she knew exactly what she wanted to do and started doing it – not many people can say that. The song “Anytime” ft Fina (a schoolmate of hers at the time) was only the beginning. From there went on a school tour centered on music in the UK, here the band and choir that she was a part of graced the stages of many highly respected venues across the country. A lot of time passed and she continued making music before taking a break in 2008 to start her family. Soon after she was back on the scene, doing Yvonne as only she can!

Most recently she has released a track called “Chinjiana” which is a jam about flirting and getting down with the person you are feeling. Once again it is a departure from the music that we would expect Yvonne to hit us with, because of the sheng origin of some of the lyrics and the name title. But it is a big tune! And on top of that is shows her versatility and fearlessness in tackling anything she puts her mind to.


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