When Politics and Music Come Together!

Music has always been a way of people to express themselves and their feelings. Artists write songs about love, loss and some times even food (yes Migos we are talking about you and all that Stir Fry!). As Kenyan’s, we are political animals. If you are not from here with all the headlines and political news it can be easy to imagine that we are constantly in an election cycle.

We here at LIT360 honestly believe that this is not a bad thing. The more people we have that are willing to have a conversation about the current state of politics in the country, the better! Here we have compiled a list of tunes that represent the perfect mix of rhythm and politics both locally and globally!

Released at the height of the election season in the country last year, it was a perfect way to get us to look at ourselves (quite literally!) and examine the role we had to play in the current state of things.

It doesn’t matter which part of the country you are from, what your mother tongue is this song will bring out the patriot in you.

Here is to saying what needs to be said, pushing the boundaries and serving up all kinds of amazing dance moves while doing it!

Because it is about time we had a female on this list right? We love all the vibes Riri is giving us with this track.  Listening to the song in isolation is not enough, one needs to appreciate the visuals at the same time as well.

And we had to end with Just A Band’s classic “Ha He” if you have never heard this song, this would be the best time!

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