When Love And Music Come Together ❤️

As most music lover is well aware, there are many things that are instantly improved once accompanied by music. From working out to cooking, to being stuck in traffic – the injection of music, melody, and rhythm when undertaking these activities just makes them fly by. Now imagine the effect of music when it comes to the act of being intimate? No need to imagine because you’ve already experienced it? Great. The reason we are here today is to celebrate this magically paired combination, to accept that mbili mbili time is always better with a soundtrack and to encourage all our readers to get with the program and make their own playlists!

Firstly, let us start by stating the obvious. Music brings people together – it is a legit love language. When you hear a song that you can’t get out of your head – in this age of social media – one of the first things you want to do is share with someone you know who will appreciate the song and someone you appreciate as well. There is some complicated science behind it that we don’t have time to get into but trust when we say that believe us when we say that when you add a musical element into intimacy the experience is elevated. Certain songs (those played during the act) will then be part and parcel of the memory, essentially capturing the memory in an audio track that will last forever. This is something you will be able to share with the person you are intimate so no matter how it all pans out, that one song(s) will always be the common ground that you can both stand on.

Let no one lie to you, it is all about the rhythm. When you are… in the moment when two become one, the right song can help guide the rhythm and help the two of you come together in perfect harmony. One of our favorite songs for this purpose is Masauti’s “Kiboko” remix featuring Khaligraph Jones, but that is another rhythm.  It is generally good practice to be on the same page rhythmically with the person you are being intimate with and this is one way to ensure your co-ordination is aligned.

Lastly sometimes saying those three little words can be difficult, no matter how much you feel them. This is where ‘the song’ comes into handy. For some it is Whitey Houston’s “I Always Love You” that does the trick, for some, it is “Sweet Love” by Wahu that accurately depicts what you are feeling. That is why when the time is right in your relationship it is and it is time to get busy and you need to say the words but can’t just, press play!

So what are you waiting for? Create your own playlist and don’t forget to share!

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