Uko? Fareed Gets Schooled!

The concept of mentoring –  a wise older person taking the inexperienced young adult under their wing to teach them the lay of the land has gotten a fresh new perspective over the last couple of years. Made famous by General Electric (a big company in the States), reverse mentoring is all about the young person teaching the old person how things are done these days.

Could you think of a show more suitable to entertain its audiences with this new technique of teaching other than LIT360? If we do say so ourselves, we agree with you! Especially when you are talking about something that (no matter how holy they are) love to do and talk about, sex! We put our quintessential millennial, Mariam Bishar in the studio with the typical Generation Xr, Fareed Khimani to teach him a few things about the latest lingo young people are using to communicate about bumping uglies.

Catch it and learn a few things only on #LIT360!

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