Triple Play: In Honor Of 40 Years of Excellence -The Dawa!

It might be the most underrated cocktail of all time, but it is probably the most known. And we are glad that the world, not just Kenya is ready to recognize that! To celebrate 40 years of excellence of the classic cocktail the Tamarind Group (which is largely known as the father of the cocktail) officially launched The Dawa Music Festival!

Just in case you didn’t know it was LIT! 😉 Peng DJ Gloria Ansell was headling the gig and she sat down with the LIT gang to break down the multiple reasons why this drink is legit! Drummer superstar Olive Karmen was also in attendance because the Dawa is her favorite cocktail 🥃!

For everyone who doesn’t know how it’s made, we’re happy to help:


30 ml of Smirnoff Vodka (roughly 2 shots)

1 tbsp of honey

1 tbsp brown sugar

1 lime cut into chunks

1 wheel of lime to garnish (if you’re feeling fancy 😜)

Crushed Ice


  • Using a rocks glass place chunks of lime, sugar, and honey
  • Mix enough to combine the lime juice, sugar, and honey but stop when the pith starts gushing out so it doesn’t become bitter
  • Add the crushed ice and vodka and stir until all ingredients are well blended
  • Add more ice until the glass is full, garnish with the lime wheel and start sipping!

Keep it #LIT360 to see what went down!

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