The Soulful Da’Ville Sits Down With #LIT360

Da’Ville often says that he “was born singing” and we are honestly glad that that is the case. Growing up, singing was his escape from the trauma and challenges he was going through. As a result of poverty, his life was hard so he would sing in church and school functions as a way of running away from it all. His passion for songs helped him develop a strong stage presence which has really helped him fulfill his dream as an entertainer.

Raised by his Grandmother, the importance of education and religion was a constant topic of conversation at the dinner table. Again, this helped him build the foundation for his art of expression today. This art of expression has helped him top charts in his home country Jamaica and around the world.

He sat down with Mariam Bishar to talk about his musical journey so far and what to expect from him in the future.

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