The Sailors Want You To Literally Get Down With Their New Jam “Wainama”

There is no stopping the Sailors! Ever since they gave us Wamlambez which has become the unofficial national anthem for Kenyan Millenials they have been growing from strength to strength. The video which was released 5 months ago currently has  4.5 million views on YouTube and thousands of people have filmed themselves performing the song with their friends online as well.

The reason people love Mcdonalds, KFC and even locally with Java and places like Kosewe is that you know exactly what to expect. That is the same reason that people love Sailors. You know exactly what you are getting yourself into. The videos are all the same – a bunch of young men doing their signature dance, women twerking besides members of the group as they perform and women twerking on the boys of the group. Their “Dabonge” style is also catching on as audiences are getting more acquainted with the fact that they are supposed to participate in the song which is differentiating their music to most of the other Gengetone groups currently in the market.

There has been talk about the fact that Miracle Baby (the one who sings the hooks) could go solo soon as he is the one who is carrying the group, but we believe that is not the case. The group is cohesive and as of right now they all need each other for success. Another thing that is helping propel these young champs to success is the fact that EVERYBODY wants a piece of the action – this song, in particular, was produced by Magix Enga and has an appearance by Exray from Boondocks Gang. Those are not small men in the industry. If they continue going the way they are going, industry domination is not far off the horizon.


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