The Continuously Evolving Shappaman

“This party don’t stop”  that lyric announced to the world that Camp Mulla was in the building and they did not come to play.

The hip hop group was a global phenomenon with their catchy jams and attractive faces it almost seemed that the fame was destined to follow, and it did. At the height of their musical domination, they were nominated for a BET Award in the States. But it wasn’t meant to be and eventually, the group decided to go their separate ways. That’s okay too because it has birthed multiple musicians such as Shappaman who are building their own careers and it is amazing to watch.

Shappaman, for example, started off as a rap artist and that is what he would contribute but as he as evolved he has managed to insert other genre’s of music into his sound. Catch him on #LIT360 as he breaks down his fitness routine and journey.

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