The #ChromeChillout In Rongai Was 🔥

You know the saying “too blessed to be stressed?” That was the only way to describe the most recent #ChromeChillout that went down at Hornbill Rongai!!

Good people, good music and good vibes, honestly what more would you want for a night out?

Not so fast! Before you hit the spot you need a proper pre-game with the squad. And there is no better way to pregame then with Vodka! And Chrome Vodka to be more specific. It is the perfect drink to get you in the mood for a good time! Ciru got to hang with a mixologist to find out how to make the best cocktails before a night out and we are here for it!

#LIT360 is the place you want to be for the best tips and tricks to master Nairobi nightlife!

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