The Band BeCa Remix It Kenyan ft Barak Jaccuzi!

It was a real vibe when Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru aka The Band BeCa caught up with Barak Jaccuzi and the #LIT360 crew!

The duo has risen to fame rapidly with their first live performance of “Toka” happening at the Arboretum over two years ago. They have since been part of Coke Studio, been named among The Fresh Class of 2017 by one of Kenya’s entertainment magazines and listed on the MTV Africa’s 2017 List of New Artists to watch, and it seems they are just getting started.

You can’t tell from the interview, but a little bird tells the Lit Team that Carol was an introvert before getting together with Becky and embracing her inner diva! Watching them together makes you want to pick your phone and let your bestie know how much you love her, just because!

Catch the two on #Lit360

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