#SundayFunday With Kaz Lucas

Karen “Kaz” Lucas is known for three things; starting the flee market, her devotion to music and the spread – a podcast awakening women’s sexuality all over Africa. If ever there was a babe suited for Triple Play it has got to be Kaz! She even has three elements to her full name!

The flee market which she started between two and three years ago at K1 was all about creating a chill and fun day that people could enjoy on Sunday’s. It is a melting pot of talent from music, to food, to fashion and even plants! Every time you attend with friends, family or even that ka special someone the experience is always dynamic because no two editions of the flee market are the same. The talent is constantly rotating and bringing us fresh new things to gush over on Instagram.

Kaz rose to fame by appearing in Big Brother Africa but since then she transitioned to music and the industry stood up and took note of her vocal talents. We won’t give you a spoiler on the status of her current musical career (check out the digital exclusives for that) but her devotion to her first love is undoubtedly undying.

Content from Kaz’s podcast ‘The Spread’ has got us taking off our clothes and we don’t mean as a result of the hot temperatures that are currently being experienced across the country. It is the real moto moto without any apologies and we stan! We can’t even begin to describe what happens on the podcast so we’re just going to leave the link here and ask you to do yourself a favor and check it out!

Meanwhile, as we still have your attention get to know the dynamic superstar that is Kaz Lucas a little better in her natural element – the flee market she has created!

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