Song Review – Ipepete by Masauti

You know here at #LIT360 we have a special place in our hearts for Masauti. Mostly because he has graced us with his presence on the show twice and despite being very talented he has always remained humble and modest about his success. He is also extremely skilled in marketing himself to his fan base, some very ardent supporters of his music have been gone as far as saying he has dethroned Otile Brown as the country’s best singer with the release of the hit “Ipepete.” Seeing as we are not ones to pit two artists against each other we will break down this banger for you because that is what we are here for.

The Video 

These days, if you don’t have a fire video (unless you are Nyashinki who is the king of lyric videos) then you don’t have a fire song. Plain and simple, for a song to be a hit it has to have an amazing video. Masauti and Nezzoh do not disappoint on this front. As the song is about shaking what your mama gave you in a particular way, that is what the video highlights. But unlike most videos where the video vixens look like they would rather be roasting maize over being part of that production, the girls look like they are really having a good time. Making you enjoy the viewing experience. So basically butt shaking but with smiling as well.

The Beat

The producer Motif Da Don who is relatively unknown in the scene of music did not come to play when he gave us this masterpiece! And yes just in case you didn’t understand us correctly we completely believe that this is a masterpiece! The drums and taarab feel remind you of the fact that Masauti is from the coast (and the big 001 at the beginning as well) but puts a bit of a new spin on the genre of music with the provocative message of the song generally.

The Lyrics

What makes Taarab and swahili music a bit more fun to enjoy is how such nasty and naughty the lyrics can be. You here a hit and because the tune is so catchy you forget to find out what it is you are even singing. When it comes to this jam, Masauti does not take the normal route – he is very clear on what he is talking about, and the things he wants to do the girl(s) he is singing about in the song. Don’t believe us? Have fun translating this “Nitakufikisha mahali unapotaka Basi ongeza manjonjo Leo taratibu mi sinanga haraka Mpaka majogooo” Weh, take a minute and allow yourself to wipe the sweat away.

What’s Missing? 

A signature dance move. We know it seems easy for him to copy the formula that the Tanzanians have perfected – release an audio track with a video in IG doing the dance moves so that you fans catch on, and then do an actual video with those same dance moves. And we know that he might have not wanted to take the easy route, but we are firm believers of that saying “if it’s not broke no need to fix it!” The Tanzanians have perfected this formula and it works effortlessly so why not borrow? If we are going to borrow western swagger and all that other stuff I don’t understand why it is such a crime to use this formula to our advantage.

Either way it is a certified jam and we are glad Masauti is giving us more reasons to #PlayKEMusic! Check out the tune below


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