Sol Generation Show Their Resilience With “Pombe Sigara”

….ohh pombe sigara,Naweza wacha bila kung’ang’ana, lakini hawa wasichana vile nawapenda ni kama laana….

Once you have a proper listening of the song (about the third or fourth listen), you truly can’t get it out of your head. It is nothing but a masterpiece, and it makes one understand why Sauti Sol is so passionate about the artists that Sol Generation has signed to the record label.

The Lyrics 

This is probably the best part of the whole song. If you understand Swahili, you’ll get that the song is not actually about alcohol and cigarettes but the artist’s addiction to women. He claims that he can live without the drugs but he can’t survive without women. A tale that many Kenyan men can testify too. On top of that, he makes biblical references to people in the holy book who had similar challenges with women – sort of to add weight to the compelling story that he is telling.

The Melody  

Usually, in a song, this is almost as important as the lyrics, if not more (#TeamGengetone we see you!). The catchy-ness of the song can make or break it regardless of how deep the lyrics are. In this case, the melody matches the intensity of the lyrics. It transcends the song and makes you imagine Nviiri on the ground outside moping about the girl of the moment before he is distracted with yet another beauty.

What’s Missing

Most of the time when we engage with music, especially with Kenyan music, we often feel like there is room for improvement. That is not the case here at all. Everything comes together so well to remind us that nobody should get confused, art is not dead in this country – it is in the safe hands of Sol Generation.

We know you have probably heard and watched the song as many times as we have, but heck there is no harm in doing it one more time.


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