Shamir Is Authentic Kenyan Reggae!

We were going to start this by saying that we mean no offense to some other Kenyan artists who try and force a Jamaican accent when they are making reggae music, but then again that wouldn’t be truthful. We are here to throw all the shade while praising Reggae artist for straying true himself and his country.

It all started in 2006 when he decided to pursue much as a result of being part of his high school choir, which led him to join a Kenyan Reggae band. From there, the rest is literally history! And we are in the future now. Plus we don’t want to supersede what he reveals in his interview with us (see below)

To cut a long story short this guy is not huku complaining about his music not getting any radio play, or fighting with other artists, he is all about getting recognition from other international reggae stars!! The number one dream he has for himself is to fill the void in the industry that was left by Lucky Dube! Sema Goals Tafadali!!

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