“Seska Is Perfectly Fine!” – Ethic Entertainment

Why lie when you read some of these headlines one can think that you are in a movie!

Last night in a video by 3 of the Ethic Entertainment members was released by them, giving condolences to a close friend of theirs. They did not mention the name of the close friend but since there were only 3 of them in the video (Zilla, SWAT and Rekless) this lead many to believe that this close friend was fellow group member Seska.

Shock and awe ensued! What happened to the talented guy? Why had they refused to mention him by name? Only for Ethic themselves to come out and clear the air that the talented group member was doing fine and was simply not in the video!

For a minute there, Kenyan music had come to a standstill!

Wakenya, please before you assume things and start sharing them let us try and do a bit more due diligence sawa?


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