Remix It Kenyan Gets Schooled By Jegede!

There are moments in your life when you meet someone and you just know there is something special about them, that happened to us when the #LIT360 crew met Jegede. You can tell immediately from the fact that he can sing, dance and produce that he is not your run of the mill artist.

Having all three talents means that this guy fully understands the music from all aspects which makes him unbeatable in his craft. Describing himself as a “simple guy” who style is about simplicity and elegance it is undeniable that he has star presence. He knows his worth and he’s not afraid to say it! Sema kujiamani!

He is part of a new group of musicians who are drawing inspiration from their locality and trends in the international scene. Above and beyond that these musicians are supporting each other 100% which is how Jegede himself broke out onto the scene, Naiboi and Kristoff featured on a hit song with his former group.

Don’t let us give you the story, check it out for yourself on #LIT360.


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