Remix It Kenyan Gets A Taste Of Anto Neosoul

Do you know a Kenyan Artist who is willing to lay it all on the line? To give himself to his music for the benefits of his fans? The level of dedication that Anto Neosoul devotes to his work is a rare and unique talent. There is something very special about anybody who is self-made, no matter how much they achieve they always want more. To say that Anto Neosoul embodies this statement would be a gross understatement.

Coming from one of the biggest slums in the country he has been a host for Teen Republik on NTV broken records with his 🔥 tune “Chips Funga” and moved the masses with his soulful tunes.  And he is not done yet. Many in the music industry are obsessed with reinventing themselves and keeping up with the latest trends but his only obsession to make music that means something.

His latest track, “Slow Down” is a hard-hitting song about where he came from, a message to the youth reminding them to take life easy to avoid making life-changing mistakes….. like he did.

Watch #LIT360 to hear the awe-inspiring story for yourself.

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