Redsan Album Launch: Bittersweet

When promotion of Redsan’s #TheBaddest album launch event began anyone with an interest in the music industry stood up and took notice. The team behind the event was not taking any prisoners, they were everywhere! Billboards! Radio Ads! Social media Ads! Big name sponsors! Nairobi was buzzing!

The very concept of the event showed growth for the music industry. Redsan is an artist who has managed to transcend age groups; millennials and generation Z are fans of his music. It made total sense that he was the one to set the standard when it came to an album launch. Can you imagine two INTERNATIONAL artists supporting a local act? Unprecedented stuff! It is no secret that to stay relevant in the music industry requires not only discipline and consistency but a real commitment to projects, financially – something that Redsan has undoubtedly achieved.

If reports by attendees on social media are to be believed, the way the event was organized could have used some work. It has been reported that Redsan was supposed to perform at 11 but ended up taking the stage at around 3, then there have been multiple issues raised with the quality of security and lastly the Tiwa issue. The Nigerian superstar took to Twitter to inform followers “Checking out of the hotel and full accommodation not paid for, no car to take us to the airport and promoters want to talk trash about artists” in one tweet and “Funny how everyone is asleep and phones are off after the show but they blow up your phone when they need you for radio and press runs before the show” in another.

The heights that this Kenyan superstar has scaled are truly record-breaking and the sky is truly the limit! Catch him in the video below as he lets us go behind the curtain!

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