Redefining Fabulous – ATEMI!

People have likened her vocal poweress to that of Miriam Makeba, Angie Stone and even Jill Scott. We would like to state very categorically that these people are wrong, there is only one Atemi Oyungu and she should be compared to no one. When she first burst on to the scene in 2004 she breathed life into the industry which at the time was lacking a female with her star power. Having done back up vocals for the likes of Tim Rimbui and Eric Wainaina she learned from the best on how to chart the waters of a solo career.

The path to finding fame in the music industry can be difficult for many which is what makes Atemi so unique. She coaches, teaches and mentors young starlets who want to follow in her footsteps. This is above and beyond vocal training but also ensuring that they understand how to handle difficult situations that may arise. A true leader to our girls.

She has just released a new track with Nameless and as much as we have said it numerously we cannot get enough of it! Have a listen to her as she takes us through her musical journey and explains the inspiration behind #Romantic featuring Nameless.

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