Point Blank Evumbi: The Ins and Outs Of Kenya’s Changing Music Scene

Just how far can we go in tracing the influence that E-sir had on the music scene in Kenya as we know it today?

Can we go further back to the Daudi Kabakas of this world?

The resourceful, Point Blank Evumbi is in the house for a worthy class.

Do you know what have been the key phases in the evolution in Kenyan music? Kalamashaka, Kleptomaniax, Ogopa DJs and Ogopa artists, Kilio Cha Haki, Rabbit (King Kaka), Genge Music; just how did we get here and what is next for Kenyan music?

Too many questions in one post?  Do not miss this episode of REUP as Point Blank takes us through what continues to influence the Kenyan sound.

Do not miss #LIT360!

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