Peeling Back the Controversy with Ethic Entertainment!

These boys really like appearing in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. One day you see that they have been arrested for fighting in the streets, one day you see that they have been arrested for fighting in the club, the next day you see that they have been dropped by a promoter from an upcoming performance because of being difficult, the stories are negative stories are never-ending.

But one thing naysayers cannot deny is the sheer impact that these boys have had on the music scene! They have completely changed their game with their “ghetto youth” style music. They are not trying to make music to get awards or to have their music videos played on mainstream TV or radio they are making music for their fans. And their fans are here for it! With the use of digital platforms such as YouTube whenever they release a new song, it always trends giving real competition to our Nigerian and Tanzanian brothers.

They have recently been signed by the international record label Universal who are going to be bankrolling the groups’ growth. If you don’t believe us, watch their new music video “Figa” that was directed by renowned director VJ One and features local celebrities such as Kamene Goro! ONLY ON #LIT360!!

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