Open Mic Night At Alchemist Turns One!

To get on stage in front of people – no matter the number – requires some next-level confidence!

Confidence that cannot be bought or taught, but confidence that is innate to the human going on that stage. That is what hundreds of people have been able to do at The Open Mic Night held every Wednesday at The Alchemist at Nairobi. The initiative led by Saadia Ibrahim has been able to give a platform to many upcoming Kenyans who want a career in the arts. It is not just musicians, but comedians and spoken word artists as well. The formula is simple, they go up on stage and do their thing. The more they do it, the better they get at it and their chances of turning it into a full time paying job which is ultimately what they want.

Open mic nights don’t have a history of being successful in the country. This is mainly because of the fact that like everything else in the world, money is needed to make it work. The ongoing battle between established artists and MCSK is proof of that, money within the industry just seems to be extremely elusive. So it is hard to imagine that a market that until recently didn’t show support for local talent would show up for unknowns. But that is not the case with this Open Mic Night because people are consistently coming back to support the talent which is why the platform has managed to last this long!

We salute all the organizers who have continued to make it possible and those artists who show up religiously to dazzle us with their talent!

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