Octopizzo Is At His Best in “Zikishika”

No nudity. No drugs. No money. Pure talent.

That was my first reaction when I watched the video for the fast-rising hit “Zikishika,” and one of the viewers from the comment section definitely agrees with me. The track, which samples the Rhumba classic “Massu” by Franco & le T.P.O.K Jazz, is all about artistic expression. From the backbone of the beat to the lyrics that Octo lays out to the models featured in the video, to the locations the music video is set in; it is truly a celebration of melanin in the best way possible.

When we come to the lyrics, they are too many 🔥 lines to say that there is one special one that we love. But there is one that stands out and deserves recognition.

“…Chura mbaya we ni tadpole

Sura mbaya lakini debe joh

Ramadhan shingo padlock

Kura iba lakini sembe no…” 

Here is paying tribute to the haters that are not all that attractive, while at the same time recognizing the struggle that Muslims are about to undertake. What I love the most about this particular part in the song is the mention of unga politics, we could not agree more with you Octo.

When Octopizzo was on #LIT360 towards the end of last year he mentioned that even if you put him on a track with Jay Z or Kanye West or even Tupac (God rest his soul) that he would be able to hold his own as long as he was spitting in his language. And we could not agree more! He stayed true to he was as an artist and showed us that he is a master of his craft easily switching between Sheng Swahili and English like only he can. For him to revive a beat that is 33 years old while maintaining is not something that many can do.

Check out his interview with us below.

And the jam has mafans!

But we are tired of hearing us yap about it, check out the jam below!


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