Ochungulo Family – They Don’t Need Mainstream Media – The Internet Is Their Playground!

As you can imagine when the members of the Ochungulo Family (which means Ants in Luo) told their parents that they were pursuing a career in music, that they weren’t happy. You can only continue to imagine that the disappointment multiplied when they found out the intense sexual and vulgar nature of the music that this family was going to be producing. But like many who initially dismissed this group, their parents saw the following that the group has amassed and got on board.

The group, which consists of members Nelly The Goon, Dmore and Benzema -along with the sensation that is Ethic Entertainment- have claimed that they are the Godfathers of new genre Gengetone. The genre which is made up of mostly groups that have come together based on location (Langata, Eastlands, etc) are defining the new wave of music across the country. And just like Ethic many mainstream radio stations and television networks are reluctant to play their music because of the aforementioned vulgar nature of the music, but they honestly don’t need it! The minute they drop a song on YouTube it shoots onto the Trending list (which we have explained extensively here) proving that their fans are here for it!

They explained these challenges in an interview with #LIT360 recently and allowed us to bear witness to the love that their fans have for them.

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