Ochungulo Family, Still Going Strong One Year On

For over a year, Nelly The Good, Benzema (Alejandro) and Dmore who make up the extremely successful Ochungulo Family have been breaking records and challenging the norms of the Kenyan music industry. They are pioneers of the Gengetone wave with several hits such as Na Iwake, Aluta and most recently Kaa Na Mamayako.  


A key component of their success has been their readiness to jump on trending topics and turn into bangers before you even have time to understand where the trend even came from. They did this perfectly with the tune Mbingijii Imekulwa Na Ndogi which elevated the trend even further. In an expert level PR tactic, they tracked down the girl who was recorded singing the song and offered to pay her school fees for the rest of the year – something that seriously endeared them to their fans.

Additionally, they also embark on solo projects without fueling rumors that they are on the verge of separating as a group. This is something we have noticed and quite admire when it comes to the multiple Gengetone groups that are killing it right now. Join us in celebrating the enormous success of the group only one year after they burst on the scene.


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