Ngeli Ya Ngenge Superstar JuaCali!

When you think about Kenya’s greats in the international and local scene the Godfather of Ngenge has to be among the top! Reason being, the same way the Congolese have Lingala and South Africans have Kwaito is the same way that Kenyans have Ngenge and a big reason for that is JuaCali! His first recorded track was “Ruka” which was released in 2001 to the anthem that is “Kwaheri” he has not looked back since.

The experience and fan base that the superstar has garnered over the years had led many leading brands to seek his celebrity endorsement, these include Motorola, Orange Mobile, and Pilsner among others. Which we think is important to mention because sometimes musicians get caught up in the music and forget about the business, which he did not and still has not done. Why lie, making a living off music alone in this country is tough!

In case you are still in the fence about this guy below is a list of straight facts containing all the awards he’s won!

  • 2006 Kisima Music Awards – Boomba Male
  • 2007 Chagua La Teeniez Awards (CHAT Awards) – Best Male & Celebrity of the Year
  • 2007 Kisima Music Awards – Best Male Artist & Boomba Male
  • 2007 Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards) – Best Male Artist (Kenya)
  • 2008 Chaguo La Teeniz Awards – Favorite Male Artists & Best Live Stage Performance & Best Collabo Song (“Kwaheri” with Sainapei)
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