Naiboi Appeals To Boychild Struggles in “Somanga”

🎶…Ohh when you are on the phone

I lose my composure

Ka jealousy kanaaza kunichocha….. 🎶

If you are a man and have had to deal with these feelings please stand up!

The video of Naiboi’s ‘Somanga’ jam featuring Kristoff dropped yesterday making it another anthem that the boy child will truly appreciate when they think about that babe they are trying to katia via DM. It is a song that many males in this day and age can relate to while at the same time getting crowds to get up and move to it!

As champion of the underdogs our opinion is (love heart emoji) on the music video. It perfectly depicts the struggle that many of us face in 21st dog eat dog century. You are constantly torn between wanting to work as hard as you can push your body and mind, but also just wanting to turn up! And if your work is anything like Naiboi’s and Kristoff’s in the video then you can truly ascribe to the disdain of having a not so nice boss who is trying to crush your dreams of a work-life balance at every turn.

Alafu story ya madem, it is endless! In the wise words of a Twitter bigwig…..

Cheers to all those who are (legally!) doing the most to get the attention of that babe they can’t stop thinking about! And even bigger cheers to Naiboi and Kristoff for positively highlighting the story! #lit360 approves!

Check out the video below!


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