Mejja Breaks Down the Hustle and Bustle of Becoming Successful

The guy has many names, from Mejja to The lyrical genius to a straight up comedian “Okwonko” – it is evident that he fits all the above and then some. One thing he is not usually credited for whether it is in the hip hop group The Kansoul or as a solo artist is that he always remains humble and true to his craft.

He rose to fame as a solo artist making us dance and laugh at the same time with his tunes “Over My Ex” and “Jana Kulidenaje” but the public is unaware of the struggles he has faced to reach the heights that he currently enjoys. He turned to the music industry when his partner of a joint business venture in Nyeri swallowed the profits. This forced him to come to Nairobi and hang up posters for Jua Cali’s performances, sema humble beginnings! He soon joined a talent search competition where he captured the attention of a big-time producer who wanted to nurture his talent.

Why we will always refer to him as a humble human being is that he used the money from his first paying gig to help out with hospital bills for his mother who was suffering from a brain tumor. In this day and age where those in the music industry are all about flexxing on the gram amid headlines of homeless relatives, this is truly rare.

Find out more about his true rags to riches story courtesy of #LIT360!

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