Meddy Is All About Building Bridges

Meddy, who is Rwanda’s equivalent to our Otile Brown has officially began his quest to conquer East Africa.  Like many singers from the region, his love for music started in the church where he would sing gospel songs before he slowly but surely transitioned into secular music. In his home country of Rwanda he has been able to create a name for himself with music videos that stand out from the pack.

In 2010 the Holy Spirit hitmaker relocated to the United States on invitation from the Rwandan community living there. He did this with other artists namely, The Ben, K8 Kavuyu and Cedru, who like Meddy, are all chasing their dreams of becoming global music stars from there. The four artists often collaborate on projects through a record label called Presson Entertainment which is based in the UK.

He was recently in the country to network with Kenyan artists and see what kind of work they can do together. We cannot wait to see what some of the collaborations he comes up with!


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