Mbosso Is The Real Comeback Story!

Other than Justin Timberlake, can you name the other members of N*sync? If that one is hard, what about the members of B2K – other than Omarion of course. When it comes to boy bands and breakups the lead singer is often the only one who finds their footing after the split. Many thought this would be the case when Tanzanian ensemble Yamoto Band split three years ago. But many were also pleasantly surprised when Mbosso made his return to the music scene, his talent should not be one to go to waste.

Wasafi Classic Baby (We’ll get to that name later) essentially rescued him from what would have been a life of crime. Once he thought his music career was over he tried to return to the family business which was farming but because of lack of space and capital he quickly resorted to stealing to survive. Like a guardian angel Rayvanny convinced him to attend Diamond Platnumz’s brothers wedding where he also managed persuade the  “African Beauty” hit-maker to sign hi m to the label.

It has not been a walk in the park for Mbosso though. It is policy that once an artist has been signed you have to complete a whole record before you can be acknowledged by Wasafi in public and it took Mbosso a solid five months to complete this task. Unlike very few things these days, it was absolutely worth the wait!

Mbosso is on #LIT360 this week giving us the details of his story and inspiring millions of people to believe in second chances!

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