Mayonde Just Keeps Killin’ It!

When Mayonde stepped on the scene instantly Kenya took notice, she is special and you can’t deny it. Her love for music came to life when she left high school and just wouldn’t die. Like most Father’s, Mayonde’s Dad wanted her to get a degree while still pursuing music on the side. After finishing her degree she managed to get into the music scene through an introduction by a producer who was a friend to her sister. The rest is really history!

2017 was one of her biggest years musically as she had THREE chart-topping songs in “Kama Kawaida,” “Party Nation,” and “Nairobi;” the former two being duets with other equally talented artists. Her voice captures people from all walks of life because it is fresh, upbeat and electric while paying homage to those who came before. Plus, she is just a lovely person to be around with all that bubbly energy.

Mariam tracked her down at a recent performance and we’ll bet you are smiling throughout the whole interview like we were!

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