Mama, This Is For You

Mother’s Day was with us this weekend and it was a massive reminder of all the wonderful women that have raised wonderful children who have gone on to change the world.

For us, of course, the day brought up forgotten songs that have been released by artists in ode of their mother’s and the work they have put in. Below is a list of just a few of our favorites.

To see one of the most gangsta guys out there show his softer side in this track was amazing to put it lightly. It showed that no matter how ‘hard’ you are, you will always have love for your Mum.

The Queen B sang this sweet melody for her firstborn daughter Blue (and also gave her a feature credit) on THAT album that completely changed the game.

Were you far away from your Mum this Mother’s Day? This song will warm your soul.

This is a classic and gives you all the chills to remind you to take time off your very busy busy day to call your mother!

This song should be an official notice to all adults to treasure the moments with your Mama while you still can.

We strongly believe that Mother’s deserve love and devotion not on one day a year, but every day!


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