LIT Meets The Extremely Talented Zikki!

From a Sunday School teacher to the domination of music charts with a collaboration with Tarrus Riley, Zikki is really not slowing down! It’s a bit amazing to imagine how someone can do a complete 180, but when you hear the story it is not so hard to imagine. Undoubtedly drawn to the power of melody, Bianju Morris who is the lead vocalist of the band Zikki says that he was first drawn to music by watching NTV’s “The Beat.” The most logical step was to start singing to the children at church, who served as an inspiration who deserve undivided attention.

The band came together when Bianju auditioned for a Sarabi background vocalist audition and passed the bar, Moses, and Kelvis among others who eventually left the band saw him and they formed the band we now know as Zikki. The rest is really history, but let us walk you down memory lane.


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