Remix it Kenyan- Le Band sets the record straight…or do they?

Le Band have often been referred to as the next ‘Sauti Sol’, and even though they are reluctant to take up the mantle of that responsibility, you can definitely tell that they are going places.

On this week’s Remix It Kenyan,  Cate sat down with the gifted lads from Le Band and put them to task with some rather frank questions about their career, growth as artists and purported ‘beef’ with Hart the Band. And if you know Cate by now, she doesn’t let anything slide.

Why did they reduce from a 7 piece band to a 3 piece outfit? Did one of them actually have a fling with Suzziah? And why do random girls walk up to them claiming to be their girlfriend? Well, the band tells all and then some!

So if you’re looking for all there is to know about this delightful and talented bunch, tune in into this weeks #LIT360!


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