King Kaka – In A League of His Own

We are not going to lie, King Kaka appeals to a certain group of people. The kind of person who would also like the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Nas and Pusha T. Their music is not very commercial, it’s all about the lyrics and the meaning of the music. It doesn’t mean that the music is bad it is just not the kind of music that you listen to when you are in the club for a hard disco.

We suspect that he recognized this differentiation and hit us with the certified banger that was “Dundaing.” It was very evident during the Jameson Connects concert of December when King Kaka performed after the likes of Nyashinski and Naiboi who have released songs that almost the whole audience knew every lyric. During his performance, he demonstrated that he can do what he does best, and he can perform anyone off the stage as well.

Then came his international collaboration with Cassidy “Far Away” which again just shows his diverse of an artist King Kaka actually is. The tune is perfect for pre-gaming over some Kenya Cane Coconut and a nice mixer. The video also gives off similar vibes of people having a good time without a care in the world, which at the end of the day is what we all want right? It has a catchy tune, international credibility and amazing lyrics. What more do you need to verify that this is a hit?

Peep the tune below.



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