Triple Play: Jimmy Gait Gets Candid About Being Cyber-Bullied

One of the guests on Lit 360 this week was Jimmy Gait.

Quick facts:

He is a firstborn in a family of four

He attended Moffat Bible College in Kijabe where he graduated with a higher diploma in bible and theology.

 His first hit song, Muhadhara, which energetically launched his music career was inspired by a real life experience.

He was on the Lit 360’s Triple Play in the premiere show and he tells us about his favourite dish, why he is a picky eater and also why you should pay more attention to the stuff that you allow inside your stomach.

THE BIG ONE: Jimmy Gait also discussed his experience of cyberbullying and twitter trolls on the show. So if you have been curious about how he stays focused even with all that is thrown at him by haters and naysayers, we had the answers on the show. Check out the video highlight if you missed the show.

We seriously hope you did not miss that exclusive on #Lit360?

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