It’s All Fun and Games with Tymilyfe

Samson Otieno aka Tymilyfe is a singer from Kiberia in Nairobi with a mission to help those who are less fortunate actualize their full potential. Coming from very humble beginnings himself he understands the struggle of wanting to pursue a creative career but societal pressures and lack of support holding you back. These are just a few of the reason’s why he is a distinguished artist with a purpose above and beyond fame and glory.

When you look at his music in isolation he embodies “Africa Nouveau” by perfectly blending the sounds of our ancestors with that of more recent aspirations. He is unapologetic in his strive to create wonderful pieces of music that will last beyond a generation.

It may sound all very serious, and believe us it is! But we got to know him as Mariam challenged him to a round of golf (which he had never played before) and we found out that he is just a regular person, like you!



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