It is Time For Asum Garvey To Shine!

There is a new wave of artists who are not afraid to challenge the norm. They are completely fearless as they pursue their passion, this story that the previous generation was told of getting “real jobs” is something that they are not familiar with. Their conviction that they are on the right path is not to be questioned, it is to be witnessed and celebrated.

One such artist is Asum Garvey who doesn’t need to describe the genre of music his creations fall under because it is very clear that it is the hip-hop we know and love with a Kenyan twist. His command of words both in Kiswahili and in English is – in our opinion – on the same level as Khaligraph Jones. Like many in the industry right now, he has been doing this for a while now starting even before he could legally drink or drive and the fact that we are here talking about him is a testament that his hard work has paid off!

Seeing that this is his second time on the show, we won’t go on about his journey, we will let him tell you himself.

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