INTRODEUCES: Khaligraph Jones Talks Music, Tattoos And What Really Inspires His Music

Khaligraph Jones has a tattoo of each of his siblings and he also has a tattoo of his mother. He also has tattoos for the things that are close to his heart such as Lion King and The Third  Eye. He just loves tattoos and he still wants to get more — there is really no other way of putting it.

And since we live in a society where it is easier to make judgement than to actually listen and understand, at #LIT360, we want you to be the exception. So we bring Khaligraph to you for a chat about, among other things, his tattoos — and let you in on his world; to the very depths of his decisions.

In this comprehensive interview with #LIT360, he also talks about what inspires his music and responds to some of the naysayers out there.

Make sure you catch Khaligraph on #LIT360!

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