He Was A Cleaner, A Butcher And Scaling Airwaves Now — Arrow Bwoy

Even though his music videos are a bit too raunchy for his mother to watch, she is his biggest fan! And you should be too!

Ali Yusuf AKA Arrow Bwoy ametoka mabali! From simply admiring those that came before him, like E-sir and Redsan, he is now living his dream of being a Swahili Dancehall artist! 🎉 🙌

He has his origins in a group, before he eventually broke out as a solo star in 2012 where he did the real hustle to be discovered by established star King Kaka. That’s when the hit’s started dropping.

But don’t hear it from us, catch him on the latest episode of #LIT360 so he can tell you himself!

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