INTRODEUCES- A story about Redemption

Since he was young, Brian Juma (Redemption) has always known that he wanted to be a singer. Born in Kayole 1960, home to some household names like Khaligraph Jones (respect the OGs!) DK Kwenye Beat, Hopekid to name a few, he’s had to learn tough lessons in the hood he grew up in.

He adds to this with a gem of a quote,‘…being raised by a single mum taught me that it doesn’t matter where you were born, it’s where you are going that counts’

Having recently signed on to Lit Music, he’s grateful that they’ve taken him under their wing and are helping his dreams come true, especially because he believes that he is a gifted young person who really wants it and really deserves it.

Raised as a staunch Catholic, he found his calling in a nearby church that encouraged him to pursue his talent. And as they say, the rest is history.

Learn more about how he beat the odds to pursue his dream right here on #LIT360

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