Heavy K To The World, But First To Kenya!

It is hard to imagine that the man behind hits ‘Lento,’ ‘Inde,’ ‘Easy To Love,’ and ‘Wena’ wanted to be a doctor or a scientist in his younger years. When you learn that at this point, his whole life was about school because of growing up in a poor neighborhood – the only way out for many was a good education to land you a good job. This all changed when his brother sent him on a few errands for him to only stumble into a recording session and like many of us, fall in love with music.

After he had immersed himself in the industry scene for a while, he met the legendary Oskido who gave him a place in the ‘I Believe’ program which aimed to teach upcoming DJs how to perfect their craft. The next thing you know we are jamming to Lento in the club like there is no tomorrow.


He has since grown from strength to strength even being exported here to Kenya as the headliner for the star-studded KCB Karen Masters! The wonderful Cate Rira sat down with him to learn more about who he is as a person and what to expect from him in the future.

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