Harmonize on Remix It Kenyan!

Rajab Abdul Kahali or as most of us know him, Harmonize has really come out of nowhere. After moving to Dar es Salam in 2009 upon finishing high school he hawked small products like sweets and tea to the community in Kariakoo. It is hard to imagine one of the biggest stars in African music today has such humble beginnings!

He says that everything he has, all the success and wealth he has amassed has been a result of the success that Diamond (his mentor) has given him. The two are literally inseparable and they have started doing that thing of having similar mannerisms. Harmonize has taken this connection a step further and made his declaration for Diamond permanent with a tattoo. We believe that the tattoo gives him massive street cred only adding to his already growing star power.

The superstar was in Kenya to perform at the Koroga Festival where on stage he got very emotional about how far he has come in life. You really can’t make this stuff up, it was all very genuine and made us shed a tear a bit.

See what else he got up to while he was around.


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