Form Ni Gani? Form Ndio Hii Wasee!!

The Form Ni Gani movement organized their second concert to create awareness and encourage Kenyans to fungua roho about Family Planning. This concert was specifically aimed at sensitizing women on these issues. The host, Cindy Ogana was the perfect person to keep festivities upbeat and say the things that many (including us 🙈) would not be brave enough to say.


Juliani and Suzziah teamed up with legendary producer Musyoka of Demical Records to release ‘Formula’ an anthem about the topic of the day. Throughout the song, a couple are at the tip of a love quarrel and the audience becomes privy to a conversation about many issues in relationships such as marriage, work-life balance and of course family planning.

Other 🔥 performances were by Fena, Serro, Gravitti Band, Zikki! But eh, there was so much going on you’re going to have to check it out yourself!



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