Fenamenal Woman – That’s Her!

This babe has been in the industry for a while but somehow it feels like she’s just getting started. Right?

With hits like “Kama Kawaida,” “Sema Ng’we,” “Doing Her Thing” and most recently “Sijaskia Vibaya” with comedian Njugush her consistency coupled with her versatility is unrivaled in the country. Heh, some would even say on the continent.

When it comes to her private life the starlet has often told the media to keep off! That it is none of their business and if they should only continue the conversation if they want to talk about her music. If you ask us, this is a very refreshing take on things! It is a true testament to her love for music, and just music.

There is also the undeniable fact that brands make this babe dance! She has been picked as brand ambassador for Smirnoff Kenya, Denri and Marini Naturals. This is somewhat unusual for brands as they usually have short-lived relationships but Fena has managed to write her own rules when it comes to being an influencer!

Have a watch to the exclusive interview that she had with our very own Ciku to hear more about her uniqueness!

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