Fareed Takes A Walk Down Memory Lane On Triple

Have you met someone who makes you feel like you have whiplash for your past life?? Thats what happened to Fareed recently when he bumped into Kojo.

In case you didn’t know (were have you been living the last decade?) Fareed has had a very expansive career in the entertainment industry. To be able to transcend from a controversial radio host to an entrepreneur and restaurantear is a hard task for anyone but this guy has managed!

He recently met Kojo who is currently residing in the same exact place that Fareed grew up in the States in Kenya who is on the journey to find local African talent to showcase in the states….. Which is essentially the same thing that Fareed has been doing throughout his life. Literally it is almost like seeing brothers from different mothers.

Don’t believe us? See for yourselves on #Lit360!

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