Exclusive: Eric Wainaina Is The Real OG!

No matter what year it is Eric Wainaina will always have a good year! But 2018 was a bit exceptional because he had the opportunity to perform at the opening of the Sauti Kuu Foundation in Kisumu which was attended by President Barrack Obama among others.

It goes without question that Eric Wainaina is one of the greatest of all time in this our country’s history. He has managed to capture all our hearts no matter tribe, creed or race, everyone loves him! And more importantly, everyone resonates with his music. For all those millennials out there we know that his stint with Five Alive was the very first time you were really aware of Kenyan music growing up.

What distinguishes him from his peers is his enthusiasm for creating music around social issues and causes. This was initially what inspired him to break out as a solo artist, in 1996 when he performed and appeared in the video for “Get in The Driver’s Seat,” a song which was commissioned by the United Nations Drug Control Programme as part of an anti-drug campaign.


We here at #LIT360 acknowledge him for all the hard work he continues to put into his music in 2018 and beyond.


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