Ethic’s Collabo with Boondocks Gang – Inauma Lakini Itabidi Uzoe!

As we have been shouting from the high heavens two of the biggest names in the Gengetone have come together to give us #THAO! We will start by stating the obvious, that it didn’t take the song very long to appear on the YouTube trending list both on the music chart and on the overall video chart as well. One other fact is that the music scene blew up! People often view these two groups as rivals but they went ahead and surprised everyone by doing this collabo to leave us still collecting our jaws from the ground at how good this jam is.

Secondly, we need to mention the man behind this amazing beat, the one and only Magix Enga! He is constantly showed us that no matter what the genre is or where the hype goes, he is ready to move regardless. The super producer has managed to make a beat that is still very much within the unique sound that is unique to him while still catering to the very distinct sound that both Ethic and Boondocks Gang are known for. Magix Enga without a doubt has managed to take this song to the next level.

Alafu let me address the haters directly. Yes, this is the same thing that these groups have been doing – singing about getting saucy with women and having a good time while they are out at the club. Yes, the video is very typical to hat we have come to expect from them – a performance-based video with girls sharing their lower halves to the beat. And lastly no, they are not about to change this formula anytime soon. It has worked consistently since they were out in these streets making record-breaking videos with smartphones so why fix what it is not broken? For many musicians out there it is difficult to imagine that these new kids on the block have managed to be as successful as they are in such a short period of time, but to quote a lyric of this hit – inauma likini itabidi uzoe!! These kids are making music for each other, supporting each other while doing it and they are not about to go anywhere anytime soon.

Check out the tune below!


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