East Africa Gives Us Their Best With Gabu, Arrow Bwoy and Daddy Andre!

Black Market Records and Kompakt Records have given us not one, not two but THREE East African stars with Gabu, Arrow Bwoy and Daddy Andre with the banger that is Koroga! The song itself is for lovers of great music and nothing but good vibes! It is worth noting that the director of the feel-good track is Kenny who works closely with Wasafi Records which is an indication of the level of talent that came forth to give us this epic piece of work.

The trio layered arrangement expresses ambitious orchestrations, more of a concert band with a distorted electronic synthesizer that act as the melodic instrument, the lyrical inspiration was a club song and a different kind of style with all the artists in it – therefore it attracts an African concert vibe. Koroga is a brooding number, containing a blend of melancholic yet entertaining lines that discuss finding ones comfort zone.

The video was shot in Tanzania, the set includes a together performance with beautiful models and guys who enjoy flexing in an outside setting, the indoor performance by Gabu deserves special mention as he is known for his distinct designs that have been modeled on the catwalk by fashion designers such as Blackbird Jeans and Kepha Maina.

Andrew Ojambo aka Daddy Andre probably the underdog of the trio is well known for his banger “You and Me” featuring Lydia Jazmine. He started as a producer and songwriter, his extensive body of work includes the songs “Ku Kyoka,” and “Now.” Daddy Andre is prominent in many aspects of music including being a lyricist, a producer and above all a music artist. As a writer Daddy Andre has written for many prominent artists like Bebe Cool, Eddy Kenzo, Spice Diana, Sheeba, Desire Luzinda, Ceasorous, and Mun G among others. Andre’s musical touch cuts across Afro beat, Hip-hop, Dancehall, Afro pop and RnB. As a testement to the talent that he posses, he won the song of the year award (2018/2019) by Galaxy FM.

Anyway, before we get carried away with all the information about these amazing East African artists catch the video below.


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